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What not to paint


The Colourful Cambridge Campaign encourages the use of bold colours on new buildings, and on already-painted areas of existing buildings. In most cases the already-painted areas will be plastered (or 'rendered'). In some cases they may be painted brickwork.

The Colourful Cambridge Campaign does not encourage the painting over of existing bare brickwork. Natural brick is a very practical finish, and has colour of its own - which in Victorian buildings is sometimes enhanced through the decorative use of bricks of contrasting colours. We want to celebrate the natural colours of brickwork, and do not want to see them painted over. For the same reasons the Colourful Cambridge Campaign strongly discourages the painting over of natural stone.

What we do encourage is the cleaning of brickwork and natural stone, to get rid of grime and to bring out their natural colour.


The Colourful Cambridge Campaign encourages the wider and more imaginative use of colour in Cambridge - on buildings old and new. Our aspiration is to make Cambridge Britain's most colourful city. The Director of the Colourful Cambridge Campaign is Alex Reid, email:


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