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We are building a network of people who are involved in, or interested in, the use of colour on Cambridge buildings. We will be sending them email newsletters updating them on the progress of the campaign and notifying them of future events. Current network members are listed alphabetically by surname below. If you would like to be added to (or removed from) this list, please contact Alex Reid at

Gail Abbott, designer, Cambridge.

Kilian Bourke, County Councillor, Cambridge.

Meredith Bowles, architect, Ely.

Jonathan Brookes, Joint Urban Design Team, Cambridge City Council.

Cate Burren, designer, Cambridge.

Peter Carolin, architect, Cambridge.

Margherita Cesca, architect, Cambridge.

Kate Creswell, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge.

Ruth Cuenca, architect, London.

Charlotte de Blois, Mill Road, Cambridge.

Ravinder Dhillon, Estates Management, University of Cambridge.

Andrew Gordon, University of Cambridge.

Katy Hallett, National Art Co-ordinator, Sustrans, London.

Jon Harris, artist, Cambridge.

Nichola Harrison, County Councillor, Cambridge.

Penny Heath, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge.

Michael James, architect, Cambridge.

Ruth Kamen, architectural librarian and photographer, London.

Andrew Matthews, architect, London.

Gordon Millar, Estates Management, University of Cambridge. 

Calvin Nikbakht, Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge.

Adam Peavoy, architect, Cambridge.

Kieran Perkins, architect, Cambridge.

Richard Pollard, architect, Cambridge.

Liz Pride, architect, MJP Architects, London.

Stephen Proctor, architect, London

Lizzie Reid, student, Cambridge.

Sian Reid, City Councillor, Cambridge.

Glen Richardson, Joint Urban Design Team, Cambridge City Council.

Mariken Schipper, Thoday St, Cambridge.

Catherine Smart, City Councillor, Cambridge.

Oliver Smith, architect, Cambridge.

Reza Schuster, architect, MJP Architects, London.

Miranda Stern, architecture student, Cambridge.

Mark Wilkinson, architect, Cambridge.


The Colourful Cambridge Campaign encourages the wider and more imaginative use of colour in Cambridge - on buildings old and new. Our aspiration is to make Cambridge Britain's most colourful city. The Director of the Colourful Cambridge Campaign is Alex Reid, email:


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