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The Colourful Cambridge Campaign was founded in October 2009 by Alex Reid. Alex Reid was trained as an architect, and was from 1994 to 2000 the Director General of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He was from 2003 to 2009 the County Councillor for the Newnham ward of the city.

Alex Reid feels privileged to live in such a wonderful place as Cambridge, but believes it could be even better if it was more colourful - particularly in the 90% of the city that lies outside the famous and historic mediaeval centre.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the wider and more imaginative use of colour on Cambridge buildings - old and new. It plans to do this by:

a. Publicising examples of the imaginative use of colour on Cambridge buildings, through the Celebration sections of this website, and through a future Colourful Cambridge Awards scheme.

b. Providing examples of bold and effective use of colour on buildings elsewhere, through the Inspiration sections of this website.

c. Developing, with artists, architects and colourists, suggested palettes of colours for particular streets and neighbourhoods in Cambridge. Promoting the use of these palettes.

d. Working with large property owners to help them make more effective use of colour.

e. Initiating and supporting special colour projects, such as the application of colour to schools and old people's accommodation.

The long term aspiration of the campaign is that Cambridge should become Britain's most colourful city.

For the text of a three minute Quick Fire Presentation given by Alex Reid at an event organised by the Cambridge Association of Architects in July 2010, please click here.


Contact details for the Colourful Cambridge Campaign are:

Dr Alex Reid
Director, Colourful Cambridge Campaign
27 Millington Road
Cambridge CB3 9HW

Tel: 01223 319733
Email: aalreid followed by @ followed by


The Colourful Cambridge Campaign encourages the wider and more imaginative use of colour in Cambridge - on buildings old and new. Our aspiration is to make Cambridge Britain's most colourful city. The Director of the Colourful Cambridge Campaign is Alex Reid, email:


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